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Hot Water Rescue

Hot Water Rescue is a rescue that was originally formed and based out of Connecticut that now rescues, fosters, and places dogs all over the United States. The reason Hot Water Rescue came together as the organization it is today is because we are all people who have worked with many dogs in different capacities and in doing so we learned of the injustices done to dogs all over, especially certain breeds, which happen to be the breeds that people tend to question.

Hot Water Rescue focuses on the rescue of the Molosser breeds that we consider to be at most risk of overpopulation, abuse, neglect, and abandonment. The breeds that we feel most fit that category are as follows: Rottweilers, Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, American Bulldogs, Cane Corso Mastiffs, Dogo (Presa) Canario’s, Dogo Argentino’s, and Bandogges. We never take or refuse a dog based upon age, health condition or gender as we are firm believers in rescuing without prejudice.

We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Our goal is to grow throughout the U.S. and accumulate a large vollunteer/foster home base so that we can provide rescue, rehabilitation, and placement to dogs of the above listed breeds (mind you, you may catch dogs of other breeds listed with us as well, as we do help whomever we can, and we also do provide courtesy listings for individuals as well as shelters when our rescue’s foster homes are fully occupied). Another huge focus of our rescue is also largely based upon education. Rescues can help save the lives of animals which is obviously very important, however the real way to end the suffering and homelessness of animals is through education and legislation. Our goal is not only to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome misplaced and/or mistreated animals, but it is also to change the way our society as a whole views all dogs…especially those who are so commonly are considered to be outcast by society because of widespread misinformation broadcast by the media, and fueled by abusive and neglectful owners. Once the public can see what incredible dogs these breeds are, than the concept of breed banning would no longer exist.

It is important for our country to set up regulations to ensure that the people breeding dogs are doing it in a responsible fashion. Breeding is a serious problem in this country, whether it be intentional or accidental. Breeding is a problem not only with dogs, but with cats, horses, and every other kind of animal you can think of, however we are starting out addressing it with dogs. Many people may object to strict breeding laws, but responsible people, including breeders, will know that that is the only way to prevent pet overpopulation while also accomplishing the bettering of their breed. Unfortunately, due to irresponsible breeding and guardianship, there are more and more purebred dogs that suffer from physical and psychological/behavioral problems. If you are considering purchasing a dog from a breeder, of course most of us will suggest that you provide a home for a dog that desperately needs it rather than supporting someone that contributes to overpopulation. However, if you feel the need to go the route of a breeder, please feel free to email us directly and we can help direct you to a responsible breeder of whatever breed you are interested in.

One of our goals is education, but of course the other is to place dogs in loving forever homes. Hot Water Rescue is devoted to saving the lives of dogs that are inches away from death, many of whom have been abused, starved, fought, and had a variety of problems, but many of which can sometimes just be products of a divorce or their owner passing away. We take in these dogs, and regardless of the level of training and rehabilitation they need, we commit to it and see to it that once the dog has visited with our rescue, that they are prepared to head out into the world confidently and happily with their new family. We look at every dog we place as our own. If there are ever any problems at any point during the dogs life, we absolutely have a return policy and no dog that we place can ever be given to a third party. We are very careful as to where the dogs are placed, as we feel this is the only way to ensure that they live long, happy, safe lives with people who love them unconditionally. The beginning of our adoption process is by applying for the dog. This can be done by filling out an application on line or printing one out and mailing it in via snail mail.

Hot Water Rescue has many goals and large dreams that are already becoming a reality. If you would like to learn more about our rescue/rehabilitation or education programs, please email us!

You can join our discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HotWaterRescue. This group is a place where anyone can join and discuss issues regarding: rescuing, listing dogs in need, transporting dogs, (against) breed specific legislation, working against animal euthanasia, discussing spay/neuter issues, and pretty much contribute information or ideas that will be helpful to us as a whole. It is also a great place for people to go to learn more about rescue, ways to educate, different breeds and BSL. We welcome rescuers, ACO’s, owners, breeders, anyone with any interest in what we are working for as we of course want to hear as many different views and ideas from people as possible.

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  1. first time on this site think

    first time on this site think is a great site by the way. I have a situation right now with my dog. I have had a change in my living status and due to this im unable to keep my dog hes a pitbull terrier. Must loving dog ( male) i  had. Dont know what to do.. Can you help please.. can send pics in need be. Thanks

    • If i were you, i would

      If i were you, i would contact some local or your closest pitbull rescue group and see if they have any responsible pit owners looking for a great dog.

  2. That is sweet. I love
    That is sweet. I love animals, and I have visited many shelters including one in silversnads milford, where they had black cat taking care of pug pups.