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Eric and Whitney are a newly married couple who live in Atlanta, GA. They have been working as business partners for two years now, and as of 2009 are the owners/operators of Atlanta Bully Rescue.

Whitney worked with vet techs at the Humane Society and other shelters on and off for ten years. She fell in love with pitbulls when she rescued a dog named Lady, and has as much compassion for animals as a person could possibly have.

She has a psychology degree from UGA as well as some of the best natural business instincts anywhere, and is a prodigy at everything she puts her mind to.

Eric was a missionary from 1994 to 1999, and studied counseling in Switzerland for a year. He lived for months at a time in Germany, India, Russia, and South America before moving back to his native Atlanta to pursue a career in music.

He started DJing in 2000, and from 2002 to 2009 was a key figure in the club scene there. His involvement in Abstract Logic Recordings was instrumental in turning it into one of the southeast’s most infamous underground labels and promotional groups.

Aside from his time overseas, he has owned rescue dogs his whole life, and never found anyone who loves dogs as much as he did until meeting Whitney.

When they met, they were living half a mile from each other in East Atlanta. They were inseparable from day one, and both knew that although their backgrounds were very different, they balanced each other out in many positive ways.

For a year they tried to make a living off throwing weekly + monthly dj parties at clubs and restaurants, and despite having many successful events, soon realized this was not a reliable source of income.

Although good things can happen as a result of a club night (Eric and Whitney actually met at one of the most notorious ones in Atlanta), it just wasn’t doing it for them anymore.

Once they moved into a bigger place and tied the knot on their 2 year anniversary, they decided to take some time off from the club scene and get their mobile DJ business moving in the right direction.

They joined the American DJ Association (adja.org) in 2009, and started rescuing the many stray pitbulls that run the streets of South and East Atlanta.

They then decided to turn their DJ business into a nonprofit organization as a means to raise funds for the shelter, and to do what they could to eventually obtain a grant to buy a farm for the rescue and rehabilitation of animals and children.

It has not been an easy road, but few things in life could be more fulfilling.

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