You say you don’t want to

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You say you don’t want to “make them pay that price” for you being overwhelmed with dogs and children, but that is precisely what you’re doing. Your inadequacy as a dog owner has gotten to the point where one of your dogs is CHEWING THROUGH A METAL CAGE and is out of control! There is no magical dog toy you can throw at this dog that will solve all of his problems so you can go back to ignoring him. I shudder to think of what the other dogs are going through.

You’re seeking help from an online forum because one of your nearly half a dozen dogs has severe behavior issues that you admit you are unable to control.You admit that you can’t be a responsible owner to all of your dogs while being a responsible parent or caretaker to all of the children.

You “realize that they are high energy dogs and that they need a lot of exercise and training,” but you also say you don’t have time to give it to them because it’s just too dang hard and “HECTIC!!!!” If you actually knew a blasted thing about this breed, or dogs in general, like you keep insisting you do, I would think you would realize that a situation where NUMEROUS dogs are being neglected and not cared for or trained is not exactly an ideal situation for anyone involved.

“i all around just need to either have more eyes and hands or a whole nother person to help whereas i dont see either one of those happening soo my life is and will most likely remain HECTIC!!!!”

What you need is to put your “pocket pits” into a deserving home where someone will be willing, and competent enough, to give them proper care and attention. Either that, or do it for the kids!