You know, I completely agree


You know, I completely agree with you.  It takes a special person to own a Pit.  We have to be smarter than the average person becuase if we aren’t our dogs will steal our seats on the couch.  We have to be kinder becuase when our dogs are in trouble they need to be comforted or they end up with broken hearts.  We have to be braver to handle the riducule our beloved pets get without deserving it.  We have to be stronger becuase our dogs will find a place in our hearts just like our kids do and at some point, when we have to say goodbye, it will be like loosing a family member.  It takes extreme loyalty to own a it becuase you can’t just decide you don’t want them and pass them down the road.  Pits aren’t for everybody.  They are for those of us who look at the world with an open heart and an open mind, just like they do.  They are for people who love as freely and EMOTIONALLY as they do.  They truly are “dogs for smart people.” 🙂