when buying mylo we were told


when buying mylo we were told he was a blue nose cross red nose but after the months came he started growing his hair longer and taller then are other pitty. so i started looking at pics of mix breeds when i came across a pit bull lab mix. I think thats why he pees eveywhere and has a hard time controling his playful side and screams at the top of his lungs like a child when scared witch is almost all the time if im not right beside him with other people. I started to limit him on the water he drinks. is that okay for him? i find he pees less and can hold it for longer when he only gets a little at a time. also he is attached to my hip when letting him out of his kennel he is only 5 months old. I wonder whats going to happen when he gets older or if he doesnt smarten up i might have to get rid of him.