we had and every once and a

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we had and every once and a while still have a prob with our youngest daughter.  we found that working on dominace training worked well.  Every day we the whole family would get our dog to lay down on his side feet away from us ( so theres no risk of scratching ) at first we would have to restrain his head and we would pet touch rub him all over so that he got use to our touch. I know this sounds a little barbaric but it works wonders when we took him to dog trainning this was the first thing the instructor wanted us to do and was blown away when I told our pup to lay down and with out restraint was able to rub him all over including openin his mouth and checking his teeth.  On top of that we trained our children to not put up with to make themselves big and let him know that this is not ok that is not to say that ever once and a while he doesnt get all hyped up ( he chases his tail and this gets him going ) and may knock over our two year old but she can just get out of the way.  Some of the other things we do is we all take turns feeding him.  this involves a ritual we go for a walk return to home he waits by his crate someone gets his food, he sits and then lays down the food is placed at his front feet but he has to wait untill he makes eye contact with who ever is feeding him.  ( the dog trainer said that this is a little over board or to qoute her ” theres no need to be a jerk” but this is the ritual that the dog himself started and we just continued )


As for the aggresive behavior/jealousy I have simular issues so if you get some good tips please pass them on .