We got our APBT Louie a 5ft


We got our APBT Louie a 5ft tall pin that was very large, you could adjust it to the shape that you wanted, and Louie never once cried while in it. I decide to buy him this type of cage (from Pets-Mart) because #1. I work alot and didn’t want him to be in a small space for long periods of time. #2. It is fully adjustable and you can put it pretty much anywhere. #3. Even though it is large, it is still wonderful to have when you take your Pitty on vacation with you. Now that Louie is 4yrs. old, he no longer needs the cage, he gets free roam over the house. Just teach while they are young what is allowed, and what isn’t allowed. They are an extremely smart breed and will figure this out very quickly. Good Luck!