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Thoughts on 2 APBT…

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    Hi there! My husband and I are current owners of a year and a half old pit bull, neutered male, and have come to the conclusion that within the next year, we’d like to get another pet/friend for him to have in the house. Our young one has a lot of energy, but is doing quite well in his obedience classes. He sometimes gets himself into trouble when he’s alone at home (aka getting a hold of newspapers, plastic milk jugs/pop bottles…), but we do know that 2 in the house could mean “double trouble.” Just wanted some thoughts on how others have introduced their pets to potential new ones in the house, as well as thoughts on how to best handle having 2 APBTs. Thanks so much!


    I am a 2 pit mom!

    Older dogs almost always take in pups with no trouble. I found that if your current dog is rather well behaved to start with, and you get a pup, the pup will learn from the older dog. Yami really kept Zelda in line when we brought her home to him. I’d suggest that you adopt a female dog so there is less risk of same sex spats. As for that “double trouble” buy crates for your dogs, as long as you dont put them in there as punishment, they wont mind being in there while you are away. My dogs will willingly go to their crate to sleep and such all by themselves. Also, because he is getting into the garbage i would crate him. Zelda consumed a plastic bottle that got stuck in her system and ripped her intestine and stomach all up, it cost us almost 2,000$ to save her. I’d hate to see that happen to anyone!


    Thank you so much for your comment! We were thinking a female would be a good companion/friend for him. What would be a good way to introduce a crate to your pet? Our dog, O’Shea, has not been in a crate. We do have a kennel outside, but need to finish building a roof for it. My husband is away for much of the day, Mon-Fri, with work…and once school starts again, I will be away for at least 8 hours teaching, Mon-Fri. Is there any good way to prep a dog for this?


    Give him nice things in the crate, new toys, treats, associate the crate with good things. If he whines when you lock him in even after all those good things, just let him whine, he will get over it.

    This is a pretty good link:



    We got our APBT Louie a 5ft tall pin that was very large, you could adjust it to the shape that you wanted, and Louie never once cried while in it. I decide to buy him this type of cage (from Pets-Mart) because #1. I work alot and didn’t want him to be in a small space for long periods of time. #2. It is fully adjustable and you can put it pretty much anywhere. #3. Even though it is large, it is still wonderful to have when you take your Pitty on vacation with you. Now that Louie is 4yrs. old, he no longer needs the cage, he gets free roam over the house. Just teach while they are young what is allowed, and what isn’t allowed. They are an extremely smart breed and will figure this out very quickly. Good Luck!


    my pit/lab also a year and a half oh and met a pitbull named louie and if its spelled wrong sorry im 10 i think hes cute actually i think all pitbulls are cute^_^


    I got my first pit puppy last June. I did all the obedience and got her Canine Good Citizen Ceritified. She is so destructive when she gets mad it drives me crazy. If I go outside to water my flowers and she can’t see me she will grab the newspaper or anything like that she can tear up and shred it. If i put her in her crate she will do it to bedding in there. But I love her to peices. So I decided to get another pit from the Humane Society that was already house broken (yeh). He is the best dog. He loves any bedding you put in there for him and never torn anything up unitl I started working full time and they are are in their crates from 8am to 11:30am then 12:30pm to 5pm. Now he has developed seperation anxiety bad and will sometimes tear stuff up in his crate. Now also if they are in the house and I’m outside and Kira tears something up he will assist in destroying it too. He has learned that from her. But I would highly recommend crating them both while you are not home no matter how trained they their because they are born fighters and my love each other but when one has had enough they will turn. I have never had a fight that I couldn’t stop with just my tone of voice but teeth have been beared and it got somewhat vocal so just as a precaustion.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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