We also use the crate &

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We also use the crate & rotate method in our household, which has worked VERY well. My female Pit doesn’t get along with an older rescue dog we have, so we have to keep them separated. The 2 Pitties we own are from the same litter and verrrrry protective of each other, so the older dog gets torn up if we don’t break it up soon enough (or at least keep the Pits from shaking their heads and seriously hurting her until we can get them separated). So now we usually have the older dog (Cherry) in my brother’s bedroom, and keep the Pits with us at all times. When it’s Cherry’s time to play outside, eat, etc (a.k.a her “downstairs time” lol), we put the Pits in our bedroom.

Also, the website is PBRC.NET 🙂 Great resource.