This is SOOOO true!  Nothing


This is SOOOO true!  Nothing compares to a Pit guilt trip! Lol.  Mine doesn’t hide If he gets in trouble. He PLASTERS himself to my knees and I can’t walk without tripping over him.  I have to tell him he’s a good boy and love on him to get anything done.  Kaos doesn’t hide treats, but that’s becuase he’s a piggy.  Somebody should add that they will eat you out of house and home, then look at you like you haven’t fed them in decades!  My favorite thing about them is their facial expressions!  The grin is fantastic, how can you not be in a better mood looking at the face with the smile and the sloppy tounge lolling all over the place?!  Also, Kaos has a “sleepy face”  we can always tell when he’s been sleeping becuase he gets wrinkles all over his face, squints his eyes and licks his lips a bunch.  My question is, do all Pits snort?  Kaos sounds like a little piggy ALL THE TIME!  And he snores like a flippin rhinocerous!!!!