These dogs think they’re

Ruby Roo

These dogs think they’re human. HAHHAHAHA…they’re the BEST. We have to remember that they are terriers..they have minds of their own. My dog pretty much listens to every word I say and I attribute that simply to treating her with love and respect. She is most willing to please me. “Superlative” has hit the nail on the head. Talk to your dog…I believe that positive reinforcement reaps GREAT rewards. When Ruby is behaving…(which is pretty much always…just happily chillin’ lol), I tell her she’s a GOOD DOG. I reinforce ANY behavior I like and I do my best not to set her up for failure. All dogs will have their limitations and we must accept them for who they are..just like people ; ) I do believe in correction, but not force. And with pit usually just takes putting your hands on your hips to let them know you’re unhappy with their behavior. LOL.

As for diet…”djobling” is right on! : ) And don’t waste your cash on’s dangerous and costly. Marrow bones from you butcher are great..and cheap. Just get rid of them when they’re emptied : )