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Brand new red nose puppy, i am a new owner to pitbulls

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    I know the basics, like correct her when she bites, walk her all the time, get her used to kids and other animals (cats dogs birds ect)

    I know the basics, like correct her when she bites, walk her all the time, get her used to kids and other animals (cats dogs birds ect)
    but like i said i am a first time pitbull owner and im sure theres alot im missing, just got her 2 days ago, shes 9 weeks, and shes pretty dosile and friendly, dosnt bark like her brothers and sisters did when i picked her up. But im sure part of that is just her being a puppy. SO like i said any tips would be apreciated.


    try potty training her so when you take walks if she goes potty outside pet her and give her a treat when she goes in the house scold her but dont be to harsh and dont put her nose in her mess also try to teach her tricks just for her happiness one more thing take her to be trained to heel when walking and you need to know that choke collars can damage her so when she’s trained try getting her a harness or a fabric/velcrow collar and praise her when she’s good


    I would actually avoid a harness because it does nothing for control. For a leash, just get her a collar or even a training leash/collar duo that sits right behind her ears. Get a medium sized leash that’s not too long but also not too short that you can’t hold her loosely. This works best for corrections on the walk and during training. 🙂


    re nutrition. Always have a full bowl of the best holistic dry that you can buy,the surface sprayed with olive oil(for eyes,fur and skin).This will have the effect of teaching your dog to graze,great for habit for all that facilitates weight management.Supplement by sharing a bowl of plain ,multi bacteria yoghurt every two days or more.Helps the immune system,digestion and bonding with your dog(eat your half first to reinforce Alpha).No treats except for carrots and apple. I have had staffy’s for 27 years and evolved this.My “Spyder” lived to be 16.5 years. “What you spend on high end nutrition you save on vets bills and your dog lives longer. Cyrus my nine year old Rednose thrives on this.
    Always be the Alpha but err on the side of too much love.


    David and Cyrus


    Love the **** out of her! no seriously. they are very aware animals and they notice everything you do! just always smile when you see her and tell her what a good dog she is. and in this case when she does something wrong she will see you are unhappy, and she will want to fix that. APBT have more emotions than any other dog. treat her like she is your best friend and she will be happy to do any kind of trick or potty training you tell her.

    ..also and this is just what i did.. when i first got my puppy Doja i had her follow me everywhere. i established i was the boss and when i leave the room -she leaves the room. i had her sit with me when we watched tv or just sitting outside. 3 years later we have over 20 acres and she never leaves out of calling distance. she knows she belongs right next to me! and i love it! she is not aggressive in the least when people come near me its natural for her to be my other half.

    just have fun with your pup! enjoy your time together! good luck :]


    Socialize, socialize, socialize and neuter. Training classes are wonderful.


    I’m a new owner of pits, too, and right from the get-go our number one priority was to socialize our O’Shea with people and other pets in our neighborhood (as long as they were willing). We enrolled him in basic obedience classes, too, covering sit-stay-down-off-heel-leave it. Ours is having some trouble with heel, simply because he has such energy and loves everything he sees–but he’s doing much better. If your dog ever eats something that upsets their stomach, I know you’re supposed to take food away for 24 hours, just so you can make sure it’s the thing he ate that’s upsetting him, not the food. After that, gradually reintroduce food in small increments; sometimes a small mix of soft/moist and kibble works (at least that’s what we did). Also when they are first sick, they should drive small amounts of water (1/2 to a full cup), and if they don’t drink that, at least get ice chips in ’em. I know our pit bull loves ice chips anyway. 🙂

    and of course, LOVE EM, LOVE EM, LOVE EM!! I think that’s priority number one (and socialize number two). 🙂 Good luck!

    Ruby Roo

    These dogs think they’re human. HAHHAHAHA…they’re the BEST. We have to remember that they are terriers..they have minds of their own. My dog pretty much listens to every word I say and I attribute that simply to treating her with love and respect. She is most willing to please me. “Superlative” has hit the nail on the head. Talk to your dog…I believe that positive reinforcement reaps GREAT rewards. When Ruby is behaving…(which is pretty much always…just happily chillin’ lol), I tell her she’s a GOOD DOG. I reinforce ANY behavior I like and I do my best not to set her up for failure. All dogs will have their limitations and we must accept them for who they are..just like people ; ) I do believe in correction, but not force. And with pit bulls..it usually just takes putting your hands on your hips to let them know you’re unhappy with their behavior. LOL.

    As for diet…”djobling” is right on! : ) And don’t waste your cash on rawhide..it’s dangerous and costly. Marrow bones from you butcher are great..and cheap. Just get rid of them when they’re emptied : )


    Don’t forget to get her a kong for puppies you can get them at AMAZON.COM or at your local petco/store that will keep her busy as long as you fill it up with treats and peanut butter. The kong should last along time until you need to get her the black one which is stronger,as she gets older you will need it as her jaw gets stronger.plus you can get training pads for her also.


    **sorry, meant to say DRINK water, not DRIVE, haha; my mistake**

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