THE HOLE STRIKES AGAIN! We barely escaped with our lives last night, as the hole tried to eat Lillie again. It has a new accomplis, also…In addition to the bug, it is now in cahoots with a weed. As we passed the hole(with all of our attention zeroed in on the hole,of course!), it’s newest pertner the weed, snuck up on us from behind,and attached itself to Lillie’s leg. Were it not for her quick thinking,and lightning fast reflexes,we wouldn’t have made it out of there alive! Once the weed attacked her, she was able to distract it by making a noise I can only describe as a “dog-type growl-scream”,and in the confusion,Lillie started dragging me toward the house.I now understand how ppl can lift cars off of other ppl in a panic, as Lillie had to have been going at least 35mph. Only god knows how we made it out with everything intact,all I can say is thank god I have a pitbull, an not a poodle!