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That’s what we are doing with all our potential family members.  We don’t worry about Kaos being agressive, but we aren’t stupid.  We know that, if another dog was ever to start a fight in our home, Kaos would finish it.  He’s just to big and powerful to risk bringing in a dog that doesn’t like him.  So, we’re being very careful to find a dog that will enjoy being “tagged,” and slobbered on.  We went to meet an Australian Shephard today, but he didn’t like Kaos at all!!!!  They were just saying hello, Kaos was sniffing his front paws, no agressive posturing or anything.  All of a sudden the other dogs hackles, head and tail went up and he started growling at Kaos.  Kaos didn’t react. The other dog didn’t stop growling at Kaos the entire time we were there.  I was pretty bummed out because he was a nice dog and liked the kids.  But… Whadoyado?  Can’t have a dog that doesn’t like our biggest baby.  It was kind of funny though, because I don’t think Kaos has ever heard a dog growl, so he tried  growling like he does when he’s playing tug-o-war, then just sat there and wagged his tail and whined, trying to play.  So, my search continues. I feel like we’re looking for the next American Idol, recruiting talent, conducting interviews, then overseeing try-outs.  I’ll be very glad when we find a buddy for Kaos!