That is good that you are


That is good that you are doing your research. I can tell you that just a regular pit raised from a puppy when you first get it in a good enviornment is time consuming. Taking in a troubled pit is even more time consuming. First and formost spay the mother. You don’t know her background enough to breed her. I’m sure your vet reccomended that anyways. You are going to want to baby her and feel sorry for her but remember she is a dog and spoiling is ok to a point but when dealing with a powerful breed always have RULES and make sure they know your the BOSS not them. I rescued a pit from the humane society in my town and he was raised there. I felt so bad for him for spending the first year of his life in a kennel. He was so skinny and nervous. It helped I had a pit already that was close to his age. He came home and was there an hour and then all was fine. He has become the best dog ever and protects me like no other. You can tell sometimes that is troubled from his past. But we work through that and he is getting better. I treat my two pits like my kids but I have always been VERY firm with training them. You have to have a firm stern tone in you voice when traing them. At the same time it needs to be loving so they know you care becasue a dog especally pits want to make you happy. Also see how the mother is with other dogs. Some times abandoned dogs enjoy other dogs because they are lonley. If she was abused though she may have a fear of everything until she trusts it. My friend has a pit that was abused by the owner and their kids. So she hates dark skinned people and kids she goes nuts like she’s going to eat them. Test the waters in a safe controled environment. I also want to tell you since you are new to pits be extremley prepared for people to talk bad about your dog and scold you for having one. Ignorant people are mean sometimes. So now as a Pit owner it is you job to prove them wrong just like everyone on this site. Study your breed, get advice, socialize, train, and love your pit and you will have the greatest friend you could ever find. I could go on forever so if you would like more information on being a first time pit owner of a rescue and new puppy you can email me at [email protected] I would be glad to help.