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Thanks for your comment. The thing is dat he did not remove it by himself, but I guess that the titches werent tight enought so after a while, when he was walking, it just openned by itself.

And now the vet doesnt want to put new stitches cause he said that this area is too fragile.

But as your saying we are giving him all the antibiotics and we are trying to avoid water (its raining a lot here so its difficult, we have to let him go do his buisness every morning and night), but when he comes back we always change his bandage.

AnwsI guess that it will take longer then with the stitches.

The funny part is that while yesterday I was trying to open a bottle of medicin to change his bandage, I cut myself bad. So I had to go to the hospital cause it was pretty deep and I couldnt moove my hand. So he gave me stiches and antibiotics as well as pain killers.

Lol very ironic! So now my fiance is laughing at me and our dog, cause we look like two handicapped hihi.