Thank you SO much…I think


Thank you SO much…I think it’s now escalating to a degree…when Kenzi (the old lady) gets irritated she gets WAAAY more aggressive with Ruby (the baby), now she will actually lunge toward her, but at the same time Ruby does the downward dog positions and yips at her, which seems to aggravate Kenzi all the more…Ruby just doesnt stop…she wants Kenzis attention and approval (it seems like) so badly that she tries to lay with her while they are chillin…if the puppy gets too close kenzi will growl….but if Ruby stops, the thats all it is….The funny thing is that after a growl & a seemingly dangerous SNAP, theres no marks or injury on the puppy….is this warning or disaster waiting to happen?

The  other good thing, i think, is that now kenzi allows the puppy to lean on her, or she lets her kinda stand on her….at first that was never tolerated….so i dont know, maybe it is getting better? last night not only did kenzi let the puppy sleep on her head, but they also both laid next to each other on kenzis bed while eating their bones…


What do you think?