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Thank you for posting this, for years now i have been trying to tell my dad “Its a nose colour, not a breed.” but hes still certain that “red noses are the best.” but to me, all pits are perfect, no matter what. Back yard breeders are getting more out of control because so many people nowadays are wanting a “really impressive” dog. I live about 30 minutes away to a rather large native reserve, and every spring, i go there with Big Heart Rescues and round up all the ‘rez’ dogs and vaccinate them and sometimes even spaying and neutering them aswell, depending on how many donations we recieved that year. It seems like no one even cares about there dogs over there, they all have serious cases of mange, or are extremly aggressive or timid. I was walking with my pup to the pharmacy on new years eve (and yes, i live in a very small town with only one pharamacy that is located on the reserve.) and i cant tell you how many teenage boys and even adults were coming up to me and saying “wow, is there any more left?” or “is that a pitbull?? thats a beautiful dog, how can i get my hands on one of them” or even “Is that a blue nose, or a red nose? i really want a blue nose” I dont tell them because i know if everyone there starts fighting dogs, getting pitbull puppies, abusing them and letting them run around with all the other aggressive and sick dogs, things will get out of control extremly fast.

Please to everyone who is reading this that either lives on a reserve or has native heritage, im not being racist at all, im just saying that at this reserve that i go to and try and help out, i havnt seen one resposible owner yet, im not putting a sterotype on this situation at all. I just hope one day people will stop taking dogs that they dont want or dont have the money to care for and spay and neuture there dogs.