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Red & Blue Nose Pits-Some Clarification :)

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion Red & Blue Nose Pits-Some Clarification :)

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    I am not sure how this nose color craze started, but many of us that have been in the pit bull community for years and continously reseach the breed, are absolutely baffled with where the “red nose” and “blue nose” craze came from. What I can say is that most backyard breeders looking to make a quick buck have continued and heightened the craze and are selling these “rare” dogs at a very high price to unsuspecting and uninformed individuals and families. The things is people…a red nose and a blue nose isn’t any different than any other pit bull out there. It is just a color.

    There are many “types” of American Pit Bull Terrier. You have show dogs, working dogs, and various line types. One of the most famous line types is the Colby line, and it is the Colby’s that started the fascination with APBTs with dog fighting and owning them as family pets.

    There are different breed types. The breed type are basically just the standards/appearance of the APBT. For example, the APBT is a medium sized dog that is well built and muscular. It ranges from an average of 35-65 pounds. This is an example of breed type. It is sinmply the characteristics of the dog. Red hair, white hair, brindle with blaze, etc. These are all breed types.

    Then there are line types. Line types are created by the result of a specific breeding programs effects on the breed type. You have the Colby line of dogs, and this is a good example to use. After, oh let’s say about 100 years of line breeding, they have produced a distinct looking dog. These dogs are typically black brindle with white blazes or completely white heads. There is also a similar type with fawn and white. This is where it gets confusing…just because a dog happens to have that coloring and markings, doesn’t mean it is a true APBT from the Colby line. Sadly, the Colby line has been mixed with many other lines and other breeds, that it is uncertain to many of us if a true Colby line really exists anymore. Many breeders tote that they have the Colby line, but no one can really prove it. Sure, they may have “papers”, but anyone can make a paper for a dog. The AKC is known to “paper” backyard breeders! How twisted is that!?!? Money talks.

    Another line type is the sorrell dogs. These dogs are usually fawn with no other colorings and a black muzzle and nose. These dogs are very “average” looking in appearance, but are still gorgeous, nonetheless. But aren’t all ABPTs gorgeous?

    Many APBT experts guess that the Old Family Red Nose dogs out of Ireland started this trend of “red nose” dogs. People started calling them, “Old Family Reds” and “Red noses” because they had a very obvious red coat with red nose. No one that I know of has ever seen a real Old Family Red Nose, as that was many, many years ago. But just from descriptions when you read about the history, they sure do sound beautiful!

    People started calling dogs by their nose color, as if it was different than white, black, pink, or brown. Many people even think that they are different breeds. They are not any different than the brindles, the fawns, the whites, and the black dogs.

    I get questions from clients at my clinic and from vet school students in my research classes who have APBTs saying, “I have a red/red nose, what breed is my dog?” My reply: “Guess what? It is a American Pit Bull Terrier with a red nose, rather than pink, black, or brown.” The same goes for any APBT with a colored nose, coat or whatever. They are the same breed. They are APBTs.

    There is only one pit bull and that is the American Pit Bull Terrier.
    If they have a red nose, pink nose, blue nose, white coat, red coat, brindle coat, cream coat, fawn with white patches, three legsm or one eye, it doesn’t matter. They are still 100% American Pit Bull Terriers (unless they are known mix breeds, which most are these days).

    I hope that this didn’t upset anyone, but I wanted to help clarify a HUGE misconception for many pit bull owners. Research this topic on the web, and you will find the same information.

    It shouldn’t matter what color your dog is. Just love him, treat him with respect, train him every day of his life, socialize him every day, and make him a member of your family. The color of nose will not change the way that your APBT will love you unconditionally.

    go ask alice

    Thank you for posting this, for years now i have been trying to tell my dad “Its a nose colour, not a breed.” but hes still certain that “red noses are the best.” but to me, all pits are perfect, no matter what. Back yard breeders are getting more out of control because so many people nowadays are wanting a “really impressive” dog. I live about 30 minutes away to a rather large native reserve, and every spring, i go there with Big Heart Rescues and round up all the ‘rez’ dogs and vaccinate them and sometimes even spaying and neutering them aswell, depending on how many donations we recieved that year. It seems like no one even cares about there dogs over there, they all have serious cases of mange, or are extremly aggressive or timid. I was walking with my pup to the pharmacy on new years eve (and yes, i live in a very small town with only one pharamacy that is located on the reserve.) and i cant tell you how many teenage boys and even adults were coming up to me and saying “wow, is there any more left?” or “is that a pitbull?? thats a beautiful dog, how can i get my hands on one of them” or even “Is that a blue nose, or a red nose? i really want a blue nose” I dont tell them because i know if everyone there starts fighting dogs, getting pitbull puppies, abusing them and letting them run around with all the other aggressive and sick dogs, things will get out of control extremly fast.

    Please to everyone who is reading this that either lives on a reserve or has native heritage, im not being racist at all, im just saying that at this reserve that i go to and try and help out, i havnt seen one resposible owner yet, im not putting a sterotype on this situation at all. I just hope one day people will stop taking dogs that they dont want or dont have the money to care for and spay and neuture there dogs.


    Yes, all pits are perfect. Even the ones that make the news…it isn’t their fault. It is their owners.

    It is awesome what you do on the reservation. A pit bull group that I am has days throughout the warmer months where we go to low income areas and microchip and vaccinate all breeds of dogs and cats. These areas that we go into are known pit bull areas.

    I didn’t think that you were being racist at all. There seem to be many socioeconomic classes, which has nothing to do with race, that take care of their animals is vastly different ways. Research shows that many of the lower income areas have higher incidences of dog fighting, lack of spayed/neutered dogs, lack of proper vet care, etc. etc. The list goes on, and by you and your group going to one area to help out, that is a group of dogs that may not otherwise get any type of medical care. That is why the group I am in I am so proud of.

    Keep up the good work.


    Glad you posted this. I have a question. Layla’s nose is red, she’s mixed though and only her nose is red. Her lips and eyelids are black and her ears are pink. I started off calling her a rednose but am unsure if i am right in doing so.

    pitbull lover 7



    If there is no difference other than nose color, is it just ignorance that makes people ask if my dog is a red or blue nose while i’m walking him or showing pictures of him?

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