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Thank you for all the useful information Kaylasmom! =] According to the man we recieved him from, he swears he is Pit, and the mother was a lab. The man we recieved him from got him from an accidental breeding. So, I’m not convinced entirely that the male dog was lab, considering it was an accidently breeding. Which that alone makes me sad, and my family and I were glad to take Butch in and give him a very happy home. But the woman had said that she seen the male, and it was blackish/brown in color. But to me, you cannot tell the male breed from color alone. That’s silly. From what I am aware, (there isn’t much background on my baby) the woman said her female was pit. However, again I’m still not convinced, his legs are very short, and straight. He’s not a very big guy in the slightest. He’s just now starting to reach 35 lbs. He is built more like a Staffie Bull Terrier, although his body is slightly longer. But again, he’s a mixed pup. Which could very be were the square like head shape is coming from. I’ve read that is a common characteristic in Staffie Bull Terriers, and his head is rather wrinkly too. =] I know that is still part of the ‘pit’ classification and the two are a commonly confused breed. So it is very possible that the woman was misqued. If I had to make a guess, my money would be on the Staffie Bull Terrier side. That shot would be from all of the reading I’ve done.

I don’t have to know, but like I said I’m just rather curious. But if it’s a waste of money, that’d be something I’d gladly pass up. =] He’s my baby reguardless, and I still couldn’t be happier. He’s an amazing dog, and out of all of the dogs I’ve had, I’ve never had one even close to him. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Thank you so much again hun!