sorry to say it but, people


sorry to say it but, people like your wife irritate me. Why dont you have her go to this site and read up? Also it may help to teach your dog some cute tricks, Its hard to think a dog that begs and plays peek a boo is a monster. It is possible to change her opinion, I have a 2 year old and when we first brought home our dog, my parents and my fiance’s parents thought we’d lost our marbles. My parents adore my dog now, we’re still working on the future inlaws though. Kinda would help if they would actually enter our house now. Although, i must say if i knew getting a pitbull was all i had to do to keep the fiance’s mom out of my house, I’d have got one years ago hahaha. good luck. Hold your ground and she’ll see they are good dogs. It just might take awhile.