re nutrition. Always have a


re nutrition. Always have a full bowl of the best holistic dry that you can buy,the surface sprayed with olive oil(for eyes,fur and skin).This will have the effect of teaching your dog to graze,great for habit for all that facilitates weight management.Supplement by sharing a bowl of plain ,multi bacteria yoghurt every two days or more.Helps the immune system,digestion and bonding with your dog(eat your half first to reinforce Alpha).No treats except for carrots and apple. I have had staffy’s for 27 years and evolved this.My “Spyder” lived to be 16.5 years. “What you spend on high end nutrition you save on vets bills and your dog lives longer. Cyrus my nine year old Rednose thrives on this.
Always be the Alpha but err on the side of too much love.


David and Cyrus