Pocket pits are very


Pocket pits are very ingenious. My neighbor had one and he loved our house, he would find a way to get out of his 6ft locked cage with bricks and tires on the top and sides,dug under 2 fences to get to our house. He scratched our screen out to get inside and then walk into the front room and lay down. I think he thought he lived with us lol. The neighbors moved but I’m waiting to find him sitting one day in our house again.lol. But back to the original question…Have you tried giving him more space. My pit did the same thing until I simply closed him in a spare room with his water, food n toys with a radio or tv on. Didn’t have a problem again. When we get home he is sleeping on his bed.
You can get the almost indestructable ball online at Petco.com $12.00 for lrg and I think $10 for small. Beastely loves it, we have to throw a box over it to get him to stop playing with it. You want to make sure the peanut butter is natural or fat free if you are worried about weight gain n freeze it. I also freeze low fat yogurt. Also you can purchase an interactive dog feeder so that you can put in kibbles or treats for him to roll around to get goodies. I need the extreme kong but I even have to watch him with that because when he going you never know. Have you tried a spring pole in the yard for the yard.