Okay we have ignored her when

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Okay we have ignored her when she does it, but sometimes we go and call her and show her where we went and she’s fine.

Yeah we are going to start classes soon or when we find one. Yeah when ever were just cuddling or something I play with her paws and rub between her toes and look at her teeth and stuff to get her used to the vet check ups to come. She knows that when your playing and she’s biting too hard you say “no” or “enough” and she stops and sits.

Oh I didn’t know that. She does the growling when you play with her but if she’s actually playing with dogs she dosn’t do it as much/bad. but I’ll monitor her and let her know it’s not okay.

It suprised us, because we’ve never had baby/young pits we’ve only had olders ones already potty trained and stuff. Yeah the only reason I don’t use a lead is because it’s only like a few houses down. But were getting her a leash today so she can go on walks other than up and down the sidewalk.

Thanks you, I appreciate it.