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6 week puppy questions.

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training 6 week puppy questions.

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    Well I have a few questions about my pup.

    Well I have a few questions about my pup.

    1) The first few days we had her she slept in bed with me, she was 4 weeks and bottle fed so I had to stay up with her. BUT, now if your in another room and not at least in her sight she whines and barks. Anyting I can do to calm her down? Can it be seperation anxiety?

    2) She is ^ 6 weeks, and when ever she’s around other dogs (no matter how big or old) she completely ignores them. If they start sniffing she rolls over and lets them, and only if they start playing with her will she play with them. Is there any concern there?

    3) When we play with her, either with toys or hands she get excited and starts growling, and it’s not a soft little puppy growl, it’s more of like she wants to rip it to streads if she can kind of growl. Anyways to help get her off that habit?

    She has impressed me though, she’s almost fully potty trained and knows how to sit on command or if your in the kitchen cooking or anything she’ll sit or lay on your feet. When we walk down the street with her (no leash) she dosn’t run off, but actually waits for you.

    Anyways, please any tips?


    1)I would say yes to seperation anxiety but also you have been with her almost 24/7. Don’t give in to the barking and whining when you leave her. She will then do it just for attention and you don’t want that. She will learn with time she is still very young.

    2)She is still small so playing with other dogs may be intmidating for her. It is good that she rolls on her back when they come up to her that means she is open and submitting to that dog saying your the boss to them. You want that rather than aggressive I don’t respect anybody attitude. My pit Kira was the same way…believe me they grow out of that now she’s the boss! Something I highly recommend is puppy classes. It socializes them very well. I would check with local training groups in your area and see what they have and when you can start her. It teaches them manners and handling by strangers (ie. Vets). Easier to start now than later. You can even do it at home. Play with her mouth look at her teeth open her mouth and make her do it and make sure she is calm when you do it. Also try grabbing her rough like a kid would do. Like grab her tail and things then it teachers her that it is ok when that happens and not to bite.

    3.) I wouldn’t play tease or tug games with her alot it could make her more aggressive and I don’t allow mine to growl really aggressive when I play with them or when they play with each other. A little is ok but some times if one gets to mad it excalates and someone ends up yelping. So I monitor them when they play and stop it before it starts.

    As for the potty training they are very good with that and learn very quickly. Walking off lead is good but as she gets older she will want to explore more and that can lead to her running off. Plus the waiting for you is good she is learning quickly you are the pack leader and she looks to you for the way she should act.



    Okay we have ignored her when she does it, but sometimes we go and call her and show her where we went and she’s fine.

    Yeah we are going to start classes soon or when we find one. Yeah when ever were just cuddling or something I play with her paws and rub between her toes and look at her teeth and stuff to get her used to the vet check ups to come. She knows that when your playing and she’s biting too hard you say “no” or “enough” and she stops and sits.

    Oh I didn’t know that. She does the growling when you play with her but if she’s actually playing with dogs she dosn’t do it as much/bad. but I’ll monitor her and let her know it’s not okay.

    It suprised us, because we’ve never had baby/young pits we’ve only had olders ones already potty trained and stuff. Yeah the only reason I don’t use a lead is because it’s only like a few houses down. But were getting her a leash today so she can go on walks other than up and down the sidewalk.

    Thanks you, I appreciate it.

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