Now that I’m back full-time


Now that I’m back full-time at school (hard to believe it’s my 2nd yr of teaching already), O’Shea seems to be doing quite well. We keep things that he likes (toilet paper is a favorite, tissues, and plastic bottles) out of his reach, and have put other important items into plastic totes. I’m gone from 7:00-4:30/5:00, and my husband 6:30-4:00 Monday thru Friday–just happy with how well O’Shea has been doing.

This past weekend we took a trip to see my sister in Wisconsin (we live in Iowa), and brought O’Shea with us. My sis has a 5-6 year old collie (female), and O’Shea/her got along fine. O’Shea was just a little too rambunctious for her liking, so they weren’t allowed to really wrestle around/play. That’s one reason we feel a puppy would be a better fit for O’Shea–plus, he was pretty fine with just letting the puppy play around on him at the meet/greet.

Going to have another talk with my husband, and keep all up to date with whether/not we feel we can handle having a puppy added to our family. We’ve done well so far with our adult pit–but he really needs a friend he can play with, the way dogs were meant to play.