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A Pitbull Puppy Companion

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    We think we have found a wonderful companion for our pit bull, O’Shea. She is about 4 months old (will be spayed upon adoption, of course)–O’Shea is about 1 year and 7 months old. We had a meet ‘n’ greet yesterday, and oh my goodness, how well they got along surprised everyone there! Pasha is her name: she already knows sit, which is nice–and is very motivated by treats–a smart dog, started getting the hint of “stay” while we were there; would do quite well with training. O’Shea even let her crawl on him, nip at him a little (she wanted to play), and he wasn’t all that aggressive with her at all–everyone at the shelter believes they would be a perfect pair.

    We do have a snag–in just a couple weeks I’ll be returning full time to school (teaching, that is). My husband is gone from 6:30 a.m. until about 4:00 p.m., and I’m gone 7:00 a.m. until sometimes 5:00 p.m. She would be home for at least 8 hours a day, and we know we would have to work hardcore with her when we’re home, as well as on the weekends. We would probably separate the two unless we’re home, and have spots designated as “potty spots” in the house.

    Any thoughts? We’re just worried she would suffer greatly from separation anxiety…but she could do quite well. After that meet ‘n’ greet and seeing how well they got along, we’d be devastated if she got adopted by someone else. Any thoughts and comments appreciated. THANK YOU 🙂

    Rebecca (and Joshua, and O’Shea) 🙂


    I am going through the same situation as you! I adopted a new puppy about a month ago and just returned to work (I’m a teacher too) on Thursday. Before I started back to work, I started separating both of my pits, who happen to be about the same age as yours, and leaving the house for several hours. For the puppy, I put him in his crate and left the TV or radio on as well as a light and the fan. I made sure to give him a few toys to play with as well as some food and treats in his crate. He cried the first couple times I left him but after a couple days, he became used to it. I started out only leaving him for a couple hours and gradually increased the amount of time that he’s in the crate. He now stays in his crate roughly 8-9 hours and has done fine.
    I would suggest getting up a little earlier with the dogs and getting them outside to play. I’ve given myself an additional hour in the morning to allow the pups to run around outside a bit. It lets them release some energy, go to the bathroom, and just be with each other. It seems to make the 8-9 hours of being crated easier for them.
    It will take some getting used to but eventually both dogs will get in a routine. They’ll definitely want to run around and play once you get home, so make sure you dedicate time to play with them.


    Raleigh908 is right. Just get them in the routine and they’ll be fine. I used to crate my pit Sasha when I left the house because I had heard horror stories of pits eating furniture and such. Finally I decided to just try and leave her out. (She did eat a shoe once, so remember to not leave anything at their level that looks like a toy). I went to the store and back. Started taking longer trips. Now she’s fine.

    I get up in the am and throw her ball a few times outside. She runs around and potties. I feed her, give her a treat, tell her “be good” and head off to class. When I come home we go straight out to potty and play ball. “Be good” has sort of become her command that I am leaving, but she knows I come back so there’s no anxiety about it.

    The only problem I ever had was when I had 2 dogs they would play together while I was gone and all the wrestling made them have to potty sooner and there were more accidents in the house. Just something to keep in mind 🙂 Good luck!


    I’m with you Rebecca and Raleigh. I feel so gulity leaving mine crated all day. But I get up in the mornings and if they get up with me then I let them out to play but most mornings I have to wake them up cause they are just lazy bums lol. I let them outside to play and potty while I get ready. Then when they come in they know they get a treat and their bones in their beds so they go right in them no problems. I go home for my lunch hour and they go out and I play with them unless they would rather play with each other. I eat lunch and let them run around. Then they go back to bed with kongs filled with peanut butter stuff and I get home at around 5:15 and they go out and come in and eat and they are happy as can be. They are finally use to this routine and do just fine. I think it’s harder on me to leave them then it is for them to be crated lol.



    Now that I’m back full-time at school (hard to believe it’s my 2nd yr of teaching already), O’Shea seems to be doing quite well. We keep things that he likes (toilet paper is a favorite, tissues, and plastic bottles) out of his reach, and have put other important items into plastic totes. I’m gone from 7:00-4:30/5:00, and my husband 6:30-4:00 Monday thru Friday–just happy with how well O’Shea has been doing.

    This past weekend we took a trip to see my sister in Wisconsin (we live in Iowa), and brought O’Shea with us. My sis has a 5-6 year old collie (female), and O’Shea/her got along fine. O’Shea was just a little too rambunctious for her liking, so they weren’t allowed to really wrestle around/play. That’s one reason we feel a puppy would be a better fit for O’Shea–plus, he was pretty fine with just letting the puppy play around on him at the meet/greet.

    Going to have another talk with my husband, and keep all up to date with whether/not we feel we can handle having a puppy added to our family. We’ve done well so far with our adult pit–but he really needs a friend he can play with, the way dogs were meant to play.


    I’m wondering if anyone knows of a pit rescue in tulsa oklahoma? A friend of mine found an adult wondering around where she lives but coulnt find anywhere to take him..she said he seems trained and very friendly..shes just affraid someone will hurt him where she lives..and doesnt want to take him to the shelter…


    i’m going through a hard split up and Im going to take our puppy, Brinks, with me…. but I was curious and would like to ask are pit puppies more of a one person dog? I bought the dog and am the primary caregiver and he sleeps with me and goes everywhere with me but to work… I’m just worried how he will feel when we move from a house full to just me and him in the new aprtment….anyone with helpfull advice i will appriciate it alot… 🙂

    i luv my pitbull

    Welcome! Thanks to you Brinks has a home, which is better than the alternative. When my pitbull Herman adopted me, he came from a foster with a house full of people and pets. Herman has adjusted well to my townhome & just 2 people living here. I don’t know your individual dog, but there’s no reason I can see that Brinks can’t adjust. Hope this helps.


    I agree with “i love my pitbull.”  My dog is a bad daddy’s boy, till daddy gets upset or he gets his feelings hurt, then it’s my turn to hold him on my lap and wipe his tears! 🙂  However, Brinks adjusting to life with only one love is much better than the alternative!  It helps that you are the primary caregiver so that his routine will be disrupted as little as possible.  I would just say keep him entertained and busy so he doesn’t get bored and lonely and chew your furniture.  He’ll adjust, but be ready for a needy puppy!  Pits have LOTS of love and if they don’t have multiple people to share it with, hope you have a big bed, becuase you’ll get ALL the love and he’ll want to cuddle (and steel your pillow!)  My dog has a full time mommy and daddy and two kids to play with and he’s still clingy.

    Cheyenne kari allen

    I love This Post!!!!

    I think That My Dog Should Meet Your Dog..! hhahaha:P

    Cheyenne kari allen

    Today I Think im Gonna Treet My pit bull to A Nice Doggyyy Bone And A walk in the park:))


    Layla loves tissues too!! I dont understand it. She doesnt make a mess of them just walks around with it in her mouth like its the best thing on the planet! LOL


    Did you get the puppy?


    You’re dog should do fine. Pit bulls are ppl dogs. They do better with one on one with humans then with other dogs. These dogs don’t need other doggy friends cuz dog aggression can occur at any time. You’re dog will do great just you and him and as long as you continue to train and socialize him. 🙂

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