Not a problem. That is funny

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Not a problem. That is funny the pit put the min pin in his place cause my parents chihuahua puts all dogs in their place no matter their size lol. I make my two share my lap and time but they will push each other out of the way to be the closest to me lol. Kids will go as far as to bite Ace’s back leg to get his attention then when he turns around she slips in its so funny. I guess I’m pretty lucky with mine cause they will drink out the warlte bowl at the same time and even share food bowls. They know how to push each others buttons its so funny. So I would just stick to your firmness and always stay calm and relaxed when you are around them. I know with knowing the pit hype you want to keep your gaurd up but that can give you a nervous presence which you don’t want. I did that at first with Kids. I learned now that yes she’s powerful but I let my over reactive guard down and she does really well.