My baby gave me the same

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My baby gave me the same problem. I only have one dog and no kids and he would never stay in a cage. Even as a puppy he wanted out, some dogs just do not want to be caged. Honestly the thought of a concrete bunker crossed my mind as well after he went through steel cages a few times. We did figure out that it was seperation anxiety, but he grew out of it. I think he was just anxious even though we had him from birth he never stayed in a cage when we put him in there. He also used to chew the wood from the back door while we were gone and there is only one ball he cannot destroy, the boomerball. He will need a lot of love and reassurance but you keep working with him and it might work. He may just need more excercise also but too many dogs and kids could be causing the anxiety b/c pits just love to be the number one baby.