LOL they are funny dogs!


LOL they are funny dogs! Layla must have some sinus problems, she sounds like she is “snoring” when i pet her but she is wide awake. if she was a cat i would call it purring because that sound only comes when i pet her. She also vocalizes, it isnt a bark or a growl. Its kinda quiet and she does it when she is really happy.. almost like a hmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmm. She got on the bed last night too right after i got into bed put her face right on mine, (i was laying on my side), when i told her to get down i swear she said AAAWWWW! and every time i said it she would make that noise, snuggle closer to me, and put her head in a different spot, on my forhead, neck, throat, etc… when i sat up and told her to get up she sat up and buried her muzzle under my arm. She didnt want to move. She finally did though. LOL

I dont get the sound she makes though. I havent heard of another dog doing that.