Just a thought… Sometimes


Just a thought…

Sometimes strong doggy odors can come from over oily skin in dogs. Since your dog has allergies, your dogs skin is trying to treat it’s itchy, irritated self by producing more oils. These oils areleft behind on everything your dog lays on or constantly comes in contact with. Bathing your dog can become a catch-22…the more you bathe your dog, the more oil your dog’s skin will produce,  which leads to more odor, the more baths, .etc. Instead of using doggy shampoo, try using a coditioner.Wet dog well, massage conditioner into coat and skin, letting sit for a few minutes, then rinsing in cool water. Warm water can also strip the skin and coat of natural oils.

I am willing to bet that your stinky doggy is a result of allergies, and not related to the Parvo virus.