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Parvo survivor causes Stinky Coat? + Allergy to soy

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       My 4 year old pit survived parvo shortly after he turned 1. That was 3 years ago and ever since he has had a terrible stench. It doesn’t matter how often or what I bath him in, the smell never goes away. I’ve noticed over the years that when he eats dog food with any kind of soy/soybean meal in it he chews himself raw and stinks even more. When I actually figured out that it was a soy allergy, I avoided any food (which is ridiculously hard) that contains it. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore! I’m not sure if there is any connection between the parvo and the soy allergy that might cause this problem but I figured it was worth mentioning. There aren’t any vets around the area l live that are willing to evaluate him due to his breed, so I’m at a loss. My carpets and furniture have been cleaned so much anymore it doesn’t even seem to help, I swear, it’s almost permanent. If anyone has any ideas on how to cure the stench, please, please input your advice! 


    Just a thought…

    Sometimes strong doggy odors can come from over oily skin in dogs. Since your dog has allergies, your dogs skin is trying to treat it’s itchy, irritated self by producing more oils. These oils areleft behind on everything your dog lays on or constantly comes in contact with. Bathing your dog can become a catch-22…the more you bathe your dog, the more oil your dog’s skin will produce,  which leads to more odor, the more baths, .etc. Instead of using doggy shampoo, try using a coditioner.Wet dog well, massage conditioner into coat and skin, letting sit for a few minutes, then rinsing in cool water. Warm water can also strip the skin and coat of natural oils.

    I am willing to bet that your stinky doggy is a result of allergies, and not related to the Parvo virus.




    just my thoughts on this;

    a stinky dog can be caused by over oily skin. this can be a result of your dogs skin trying to treat itself…allergies can cause itchy, dry, or red spots (or all of the above), which will cause your dog’s skin to produce more oil. this is left behind pretty much on whayever the dog touches…including your hand when u pet it. if u r bathing your dog often to try and combat the smell, your dogs skin will also crank up oil production. this can lead to a catch-22 situation.

    when u bathe your dog, instead of using dog shampoo (u should NEVER use people shampoo…this will also cause the skin to be dry, itchy, and produce more oil), try using doggie conditioner, with collodial oatmeal, if possible. wet dog well in cool water (warm water can also b drying), massage conditioner well into coat and skin, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse in cool water. do this weekly, and c if the smell subsides.

    i doubt if the smell has anything to do with parvo…i believe, instead, it is related to doggie allergies and too much oil production by the skin.

    u can also give childrens liquid benedryl if your dog is scrathing excessively. contact your vet for correct amount based upon your dogs weight.

    let me know if this helps any.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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