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I’ve never had a problem with the peanut butter getting anywhere.  I just put less than a tablespossn in at a time and make sure it’s sort of spread around the inside so it doesn’t fall out as he’s rolling around with it.  He usually has it all licked up long before it gets on the floor.  You can also use a combination of peanut butter and a couple pieces of dog food or treats.  Just dip the food in enough peanut butter to get it to stay inside the kong ball, but not enough to be messy.  Just make sure you label the jar of peanut butter to avoid confusion.  Also, I have used plastic cups before, I don’t let Kaos keep a hold of them, but that way one end is closed and the treats don’t just fall out the other side.  It’s a cheap alternative, you just have to make sure to pick up the cup before they start chewing it.  I actually don’t use the kong ball all that often, just if we weren’t able to get out one day.  Kaos likes stuffed animals and chew ropes etc.  I have fun hooking them in his collar so he jumps around and tries to get ahold of them.  I sit on the couch and enjoy the show.  It’s really all about being creative and finding ways to keep her busy with the least amount of effort from you!