I’ve had labs in my family


I’ve had labs in my family before (when I was younger), but now having a pit bull, we are very keen/aware of different things. Obedience classes are a must for any dog, no matter the breed. If you are able to take classes with other dogs, that is sometimes helpful (or at the very least, have play-dates with dogs in your area; here nobody really wants their dog playing with us, just ‘cuz he’s a pit bull). Pit bulls are big chewers, so having bones around (and not raw hides; they will scarf ’em down), maybe Kong toys (have worked for many, but not necessarily above and beyond chewers)…the lunging thing at cats will probably be easy to fix if he’s able to meet a few close up, or as you walk and the second he ignores them say “Good boy” and give him a treat.

Your dog seems well on his way to being a wonderful companion and friend. You are doing your research and wanting the best life for him. 🙂 Yay!! I only wish more people would see pit bulls they way you are beginning to see them–I had never met a pit bull before we came to own one, and he wasn’t even our first choice…but after adopting and training him, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog! congrats, and keep us up to date with how he’s doing!