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Kotas Mommy

It could be natural ~ or could be some factor that if changed will, at least reduce if not solve the problem.
Does he scarf down food really fast?
Eating too fast can cause the dog to bring excessive amounts of air into his intestines; thus creating greater amounts of gas. Most pet stores sell “slow down” doggy dishes, which are specifically designed to prevent/correct this problem. (I used one w/ Dakota because she was getting hiccups everytime she ate – it works!!!)

Have you recently changed his food? If so, it can take 6 to 8 weeks for a dogs system to adjust and begin digesting the new kibble properly. Give him some time and see if the problem goes away on its own.

What do you feed him ~ what ingredients are used?
Food allergies in dogs are common (especially in pits and Am Bulldogs) – and can cause excessive gas in dogs. Check out the ingredients listed – Studies found the highest “allergy reaction” causing ingredients to be: Corn, dairy, wheat, soy, eggs & (of all things) proteins! (Of the proteins – Chicken has the highest occurance, followed by fish & then beef). Testing for allergies can be done on him, but can also be expensive. If your boy has a food allergy, in addition to the gas – indicators of a food allergy would appear on his skin. Check his face, armpits, paws & forelegs (these are the areas most likely to show symptoms) – look for red or irritated skin, hot spots, or skin infections. Excessive scratching (not caused by fleas) and reoccuring ear infections are other signs of food allergies.
Hope this info was some help ~ Good luck!