I’m a new owner of pits, too,


I’m a new owner of pits, too, and right from the get-go our number one priority was to socialize our O’Shea with people and other pets in our neighborhood (as long as they were willing). We enrolled him in basic obedience classes, too, covering sit-stay-down-off-heel-leave it. Ours is having some trouble with heel, simply because he has such energy and loves everything he sees–but he’s doing much better. If your dog ever eats something that upsets their stomach, I know you’re supposed to take food away for 24 hours, just so you can make sure it’s the thing he ate that’s upsetting him, not the food. After that, gradually reintroduce food in small increments; sometimes a small mix of soft/moist and kibble works (at least that’s what we did). Also when they are first sick, they should drive small amounts of water (1/2 to a full cup), and if they don’t drink that, at least get ice chips in ’em. I know our pit bull loves ice chips anyway. 🙂

and of course, LOVE EM, LOVE EM, LOVE EM!! I think that’s priority number one (and socialize number two). 🙂 Good luck!