I wouldn’t be overly

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I wouldn’t be overly concerned you are doing something wrong. She probably is one that wears her feelings on her shoulder. The only thing I would recommend is don’t baby her too much when she pouts after you teaching her being to rough and biting is not allowed. It could turn against you later on. One thing about this breed I have noticed is babying them is not a good thing because they are so powerful. I’m not saying they will turn on you or anyone at all thats not what its about. I’m saying that they learn to maniupulate you so easy to get away with bad behaviors its not funny. Sometimes my two have tried it in the past and have learned now that dont’ fly. Keep in mind though that timid scared dogs can bite because they are frightened. That is any dog not just pits any dog will do that. She just needs to learn to trust you give it time she will.