I will admit, Im replying


I will admit, Im replying because Im emotional!!! LOL…  I am a proud Mom to 3 beautiful children (Im a SAHM) and 2 Pitbulls 🙂  I may not have a high paying job, and I may not have a post-secondary education, but my Hubby owns/operates a construction company with his Dad.  We’re not rich,and we’re not poor, just a happy white-collar family who loves this breed because of their loyalty and intelligence. 

I have grown up with the breed, so needless to say, Ive always had a soft spot for them, but my Hubby on the other hand!! Well, he grew up with the “loveable” golden retrievers.  He had once told me I had to wait until the kids were older, but then Duke had come into our life and my hubby was smitten.(our friends were moving and we did a trial run to see if he was appropriate for us)  His reaction was in disbelief that a Pitbull could be so loving, generous and empathic! And about that time, his parents loving Golden Ret. killed a cat and snapped at one of our kids!  Needless to say, my dear hubby said yes to Duke 🙂  My mom-in-law had a fit!!!  With a smile on my face, I politely had told her my views on Pittys and when she got a new dog, she didn’t ask us for premission! We are adults, and can make our own choices, but of course with 3 young kids, she did the “but think of the children”!! thing….LOL… I laughed at said, well at least I don’t have to wash their faces anymore because the dog now does it, and I don’t have to pull them in their wagon or sleigh, because the dog does that too, oh… and he chases away monsters and the boogey-man too (my 4 yr old used to have nightmares until Duke started sleeping with him!)

Fast forward a couple of years…. we still have Duke, and have recently adopted a rescue named Steel 🙂  My mother-in-law loves them, she even lets Duke sit in her knee giving her kisses ( she never used to let his “ferious” teeth near her face when we first got him)  and she offers to take the dogs for sleepovers at her house!! LOL!!  She is quick to defend her 4-legged grandkids and YES she is very educated (Human Resourse Manager at a huge pulp mill in Northern Alberta Canada) and YES she makes 6 figures, and guess what breed of dog she’s getting next!  Can you guess it? A Pitbull!!

This is a breed for people who have common sense!!