I understand why your wife


I understand why your wife feels the way she does. The only thing we ever seem to hear about pit bulls is that they are killing machines ready to attack. She is a mother who loves her family and wants them to be safe. Unfortunately most of what we hear is false information spread around by the media, who are more interested in making a dramatic story than using facts in the case of the pit bull. Include her as much as you can in activities with the pup, training, feeding, going on walks, any positive activity. She’s a smart lady who loves her family, I’m sure in time and with help from you, she will appreciate your new addition. Just be positive and make her feel included, even if at first she doesn’t want to be included. My dog is a pit bull german shepherd mix (3/4 pit 1/4 shepherd) and he loves cats children, special needs people, the elderly, and anyone or anything else he meets. Being mostly pit bull, he has a higher pain tolerance than other breeds which might get hurt with rough kid play and bite in defense. Watch out! He’ll lick you to death! Good luck!