I underdstand you not wanting


I underdstand you not wanting to crate him while your at work but pits are notorious for being destructive so not using the training pads could be the least of your worries. I learned the hard way trying to leave my two pits loose while I was at work….hahaha did I get a suprise when I came home for lunch. They had shredded an $80 dog bed. I was so mad. They have toys everywhere and they tore that up because they were mad I left. But the day before I left them loose and they were fine never touched a thing…so now they are crated. My boyfriend is home now most of the day so they are loose but they got use to it before that and I would crate them at 8am, let them out for about 30mins at noon and the they were crated til 5pm when I got home. They would be a little wild but I let them out to run outside and played with them then sometimes we would go for a walk and they adapted just fine. As for the training pads….my experience with people I know doing that with their dogs turns out bad because they learn it’s ok to potty in the house even when they pads aren’t there anymore. I really don’t reccomend using them to anyone. General Rule of thumb is for every month old the puppy is how long it should be able to go without peeing.