I think these people do not


I think these people do not take the time to evaluate the dogs, but i can bet a million dollars money is the issue… the only thing that saved Vicks dogs was Vicks money… If they had not had been his fighting dogs, they would have been put to sleep….If someone donated enough money right now to have each individual dog evaluated, they probobly could be saved….Maybe the shelter can find a no kill instead of putting them down… this makes me sick, because both of my pitbulls come from terrible backgrounds and they are both wonderful pets and not aggressive….Its all in the owners…even owners of abused dogs, if you know what they have been through you can pretty much predict your dogs behavior.. I know I can!!!! Mine came from backrounds just as horrific as Vicks dogs… ALL THIS IS IS A NO FUNDING ISSUE AND ITS EASIER AND CHEAPER TO PUT THEM TO SLEEP….SAD BUT REALITY… IN ALL STATES …