I saw on here someone had

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I saw on here someone had made the statement of the rope toys which are a great toy as long you are supervising your dog with the toy. I would strongly recommend that these toys NEVER be left alone with the dog. While working at a veterinary hospital we had a 6 month old lab puppy come in very ill, vomiting and wasn’t able to eat. Through all various testing, x-ray, and lab work couldn’t find any source of the illness. It was finally determined that exploratory surgery would be needed to find an obstruction as this was the only other possibility for such symptoms. During this surgery it was discovered that the dog had a rope toy in his stomach and a few strands of the rope toy were wrapped around the very back of his tongue causing this rope toy to stay logged right were it was. All of this could have been avoided and the over 900.00 vet bill if the owner would have just supervised the dog with this toy. Just a cautionary note 🙂