I respond whenever I see that

Chris Chuck

I respond whenever I see that someone has a pit/lab mix. I have one myself. We got Molly from a local shelter that rescues dogs from kill shelters. The lady that runs the shelter has a soft spot for pits because they are misunderstood. Molly is a fantastic dog. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She is loyal and desires to please. I have a seven year old daughter and a five year son and they are very energetic. Our dog is very tolerant of them as they often lay on her and squeeze her tightly. She is also great with other dogs. There are a few things you should keep in mind. First, pits can be stubborn, so make sure that you teach them that you and your family are the bosses. Don’t let the dog get away with any unwanted behaviors. Also, exercise the dog on a regular basis or he may become bored, which results in destruction and exciteability in the house. Give him plenty of toys, rawhide, pig ears, other chewables (Kongs, Tirebiters, cow bones-bought from a local pet supply business-have proven to be very good for my dog) because this breed is a life-long chewer and will satisfy this need on furniture and woodwork if not given other items on which to chew. Keep in mind that two out of three of these needs for pits can be the same with a number of breeds. Additionally, any dog breed can be aggressive if made to be either by training or neglect. Some of the most aggressive dogs I have met were small and had the “little dog syndrome.” It is a shame that a few inhumane people have chosen to use pits as fighters, and have thus given the breed a bad name. I find them some people are nervous when they find out she is part pit, but upon meeting my dog, they quickly see that she not a mean dog. I have also found that a number of people are very accepting that she is part pit and are not afraid of her at all because they know that these dogs can be good pets.  If given the chance, pits can be affectionate, loyal, and good friends. Train and treat your dog right and he will a great companion.