I personally am not a big fan

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I personally am not a big fan of tug of war with dogs of any breed. It is sometimes like a dominating game for them. Also for the simple fact that any dog wants to grab the toy where you are holding it. I allow my two pits to play tug together on a kong tug toy but only under supervision and if one gets an attitude (mainly Kira) then it gets taken away and the game is over. If she is biting you when your hand slips into her mouth that is something that needs to be stopped. If my hand gets in Ace or Kiras mouth they immediately stop and don’t bite down. I tought them that is not a toy and to stop. It works. To each their own though but I don’t thing their is a toy that is going to be a tug toy and protect your hand because they aren’t suppose to bite you. To make sure I’m clear I know your not saying she bites you hard.