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tug toys

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    hi all im trying to find a tug toy that will also protect my hand my pit loves tug of war but she will always grab what ever part of the toy im holding if she loses grip on her end, her fav at the moment is a thick rope but if i take my eyes of her for a split second my hand will land up between her jaws and thats not a good feeling i dont want to stop our tug games but sooner or later im going to get a nasty bite on my hand while were playing is there anything out there on the market that will stop my hand getting bitten cheers .


    I personally am not a big fan of tug of war with dogs of any breed. It is sometimes like a dominating game for them. Also for the simple fact that any dog wants to grab the toy where you are holding it. I allow my two pits to play tug together on a kong tug toy but only under supervision and if one gets an attitude (mainly Kira) then it gets taken away and the game is over. If she is biting you when your hand slips into her mouth that is something that needs to be stopped. If my hand gets in Ace or Kiras mouth they immediately stop and don’t bite down. I tought them that is not a toy and to stop. It works. To each their own though but I don’t thing their is a toy that is going to be a tug toy and protect your hand because they aren’t suppose to bite you. To make sure I’m clear I know your not saying she bites you hard.


    Chelsea and Jon

    I love playing tug of war with my dog. It tires him out and it allows us to strengthen his basic obedience like drop it, hold and “get it”. I recently came across this tug toy from HelpingUdders.com. There are several styles of tugs and they are made from recycled rubber from a cow milking machine. The woman who makes them will also donate a portion of the profits to a rescue of your choice! The tugs have a sturdy handle and the end piece allows for a great grip so your dog might not have to adjust so often.. saving your hand from accidental nips 🙂 Hope you have fun playing tug!


    We play tug-a-war with our 2 pits lots especially when its really cold outside and its hard to get outside and exercise. But they play with us different than they play with each other.  We find it good for obedience too becaue it teaches limitations and good behavior.  At any point we can take it away from them and if we say “drop/leave it” they do immediately, but they are only allowed to take toys if it is offered to them because we have 3 young kids and we don’t want a kid swinging around a rope or toy and have one of the pitties lunge at it.  Like I said before, good obedience!!!  But each to their own, but if you do play like this make it a good learning experience for them 🙂    Our kids 3,4,7 can take a toy away from them as well no problems.  I would not tolerate a dog nipping at us!!! Your dog needs to learn manners and patience


    But we usually just buy a big rope bone type because they’re stong and quick durable and they can latch on pretty good 🙂  Something with i big knot… and thick braid

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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