I have the exact issue with

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I have the exact issue with Kira. If you seen the news clip on facebook of my two pits Kira did her favorite thing to the reporter. Kira is CGC certified meaning she shouldn’t jump. Well she forgets so easily because she is so excited. My technique of control is a spray bottle (water only of course). Works like a charm. All I have to do is grab it it can even be empty and she stops in her tracks. When people come in my house it is halarious to watch her. I have ignore her and just sit down. Well she will sit next to them and stare quitely then every time they look at her and don’t pet her she skoots alittle closer still staring the look is priceless. Then they pet her and its over she’s ok then she out attention we just laugh she’s a dork. But anyways try the spray bottle and when you start training with it say off no don’t use down because that is the command for laying down. Good luck