I have done my research, and

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I have done my research, and Murphy is proof of that. I don’t buy into the crap. You are ignorant. You shouldn’t be on a pro pit site talking all of these negative things about the breed. As far as viruses, worms, parasites…not a problem if you CARE FOR YOUR DOG. You are one of the people adding to the problem not the solution. Yes, certain breeds have certain quirks. However, I am a firm believer that if you treat your dog right, they will be good to you. Chows are supposed to be mean dogs as well. Sasha, my chow mix has NEVER attacked or bitten anyone. I rescued her because she was a bait dog used in a fighting ring. So according to your theory, both Sasha and Murphy should not have been able to be rehabilitated. Another example, Mastiffs were you used for fighting back in the days of the gladiators….it was a trait BRED INTO THEM. But now, they are known as one of the best house dogs to have. I believe while, nature plays a role, nurture plays a HUGE role in how a dog turns out after traumatizing experiences. In my opinion, you don’t deserve to own such a wonderful breed of dog. You CANNOT be pro pit, yet warn others not to rescue them. What makes you a better pit owner than anybody else on this site?