I have an intact male German

raisins mom

I have an intact male German Shepherd who will be 2 next month and Raisin who is approx 14 months and is neutered.  They both seem to get along well although at times Jerry (GSD) can be ball aggressive.  Jerry will growl if Raisin gets near his ball while playing fetch so we just don’t throw the ball when the two are together.  My suggestion if you think your two dogs are starting to play a lil rough is to seperate them, let them calm down then allow them to play again.  I do that often with our two boys just to remind them to “take it down a notch”.

Like Herman’s owner we too are working through some fear issues with Raisin.   He doesn’t like men and when greeting new dogs he tends to overwhelm them.

We crate them when we are not home to prevent any scuffles. Also we have a “pecking order” for lack of better word in our home.  Anytime we are doing something with the dogs such as feeding them the GSD is served first.  But both dogs have been taught food manners.  Neither gets their food until we set it down and say ok and at anytime we can take the food away without fear of being bitten. 

I am far from a dog expert.  My dogs past and present have probably taught me more then I could teach them.  What I have learned is when your dog has boundaries and manners your home will be more harmonious.