I have a 3 month old Pit and

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I have a 3 month old Pit and so far have had great success with training puppy pads. I leave 2-3 pads on the floor for him and take him out regularly for walks. I watch for the signs that he needs to go out. As soon as I see him sniffing around I grab the leash and tell him let’s go outside! He hasn’t had any poop accidents so far and in between walks he will use the pee pads, strictly for peeing. I would suggest that you don’t go back inside until the dog has “done his business” this could be time consuming but necessary for your dog to not have accidents in the house. Also when he does go outside give him lots of praise and treats so he knows this is what is expected of him. I also use verbal commands to my puppy when outside for bathroom breaks, I tell him to go poops and peeps and when he does he gets lots of praise ans a treat. I don’t know where you are walking your pup but does the area have a lot of traffic or distractions? This may also be a problem for your pooch. Maybe he needs a quieter more relaxed setting. Hope this helps.