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Potty Traing :(

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training Potty Traing :(

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    Rileys Mom

    Riley is now 9 mos old.  We’ve had her since Sept.  She has no problem getting in her crate.  But she does have a problem pooping in there….almost every night. She also has accidents in the house as well.  During the day she spends most of her time outside with our other two dogs.  When she is inside she shows absolutely no signs whatsoever when she has to go out.  She could be in the middle of playing and then just “stop and plop” right in front of us!  When she does go in the house, she knows it’s wrong and puts herself in her crate immediately afterwards, almost as if she is punishing herself.  We make sure we put her outside before bedtime but 9 times out of 10 we wake up to a soiled crate.  She is fed in the morning so I really don’t know how she can have anything left in her system to be going over night. We’re at our wits end with her right now.  Any suggestions??


    A solid schedule could do wonders. At this point, it sounds like (to me), that she’s acting more like a puppy of nine weeks rather then nine months. Go back to taking her out every other hour, then praise her like crazy when she goes to the bathroom. You might need to start waking up in the middle of the night to take her out. If you still find a soiled crate, wake up more the once to let her go to the bathroom.

    Is her crate too big? Is she able to get away from her mess?


    we have a 4 month old pitbull/shepherd mix and can’t get her potty trained for nothing?

    NuMBeR SiCkS

    I agree. 

    A question, have you tried to train her or are you just expecting her being outside to potty train her?  Because if you let outside train her its go whenever you want training.  

    To add to that she isn’t punishing herself inside, she is ashamed of herself and embarrassed. My girl gets so embarrassed when she has to go inside the house.  It makes me feel terrible because not only is the a mess to clean up, I contributed to a situation that humiliated my dog.

    For the most part its the same as teaching a human appropriate behavior.  Kids don’t just learn to use the toilet out of nowhere.  It’s called potty training.  Dogs are much easier to potty train than kids though, yet it still requires the training part.  

    Positive reinforcement works wonders.  

    Also, how often are you feeding your dogs? 


     I put her outside as soon as she wakes up in the morning and she usually goes pee, than she eats she gets feed three times a day and we try to put her out about an hour after she eats, but she never seems to go outside instead she’ll come inside and poop :/ 


    Ok so hopefully someone can give me some advice on this!  My pit eats 2x a day once in the morning and once at night and he gets water 4 times a day 1 with breakfast 2 durring the day and 1 with dinner!  I let him out every 2 to 3 hours and he never goes potty in his cage!  Now with that said I will take him outside to potty and he will pee but not poop.  I walk him around for a about 45 mins or so then when we come back inside the frist thing he does is poop on the floor!  Why is he doing this and how can I get him to stop??


    I have a 3 month old Pit and so far have had great success with training puppy pads. I leave 2-3 pads on the floor for him and take him out regularly for walks. I watch for the signs that he needs to go out. As soon as I see him sniffing around I grab the leash and tell him let’s go outside! He hasn’t had any poop accidents so far and in between walks he will use the pee pads, strictly for peeing. I would suggest that you don’t go back inside until the dog has “done his business” this could be time consuming but necessary for your dog to not have accidents in the house. Also when he does go outside give him lots of praise and treats so he knows this is what is expected of him. I also use verbal commands to my puppy when outside for bathroom breaks, I tell him to go poops and peeps and when he does he gets lots of praise ans a treat. I don’t know where you are walking your pup but does the area have a lot of traffic or distractions? This may also be a problem for your pooch. Maybe he needs a quieter more relaxed setting. Hope this helps.


    I also agree with the comment about potty training kids…you don’t just put them in the bathroom and expect them to know what to do. Dogs-Puppies are the same, they need to know what they are out there for. Taking them for a walk stimulates them to go to the bathroom. Praise and positive reinforcement is key. It’s a lot of work but well worth it when you don’t have to constantly clean up accidents!!


    I advise against the puppy pee pads!! It will encourage them that it’s OK to go inside the home, which defeats the purpose of house breaking. Once you form a set of rules you have to stick with it, and POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!! Don’t rub the dogs nose in it, and beat him/her. Take them outside and wait until they go and give them treats. They love treats and praise!


    my puppy is a little over 3 months and i cant get him potty trained worth nothing. he wont poop in his cage but he will pee. he doesnt show any signs of needing to go outside either he can be playing one minute and turn around he will be using the bathroom in the house. i have got him to the point to where when he comes out of the cage he runs straight to the door.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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